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Danielle Searancke | Squamish Medium

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Offerings by Danielle

You have the heart of a Seeker….

You live in your heart, wanting to align your life with your divine purpose, and you’ve got questions…

But there’s also a sliver of doubt.

Maybe you’ve heard stories about psychics online, or you’ve had a bad experience yourself, so while your heart aches for answers, the fear keeps you quiet.

I know you.

I make it my mission to support the souls of Seekers so they’re able to get the answers they need. For closure. For joy. For living up to their potential.

But it’s not always what you expect.

My name is Danielle, and I’m a medium who channels messages from Spirit, to support your highest good. My work is in service to your soul, whether it’s deep healing that needs to take place or an alignment to your gifts and your purpose. I take an evidence-based approach to offer you the guidance you need, which may or may not be what you want or expect.

I believe in using my gifts to support you to make empowered decisions, in life, love, and career. And I believe that YOU are your best teacher

Kind Words…

I have had the pleasure of receiving 2 readings from Danielle and always get truly excited for the opportunity. Danielle is a very powerful Medium and I really value and trust the insights that I have received during the experience. Danielle shares a blend of powerful intuition and practical grounded wisdom.

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The Blog

Why I love phone readings

  Less is more! The less information I have the better I work. Seeing your facial expressions, body language, and reactions can throw me for a loop. I am only human after all. Phone readings are just me, your voice and the energy of your spirit loved ones and guides...

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Soul Purpose VS Life’s Work

I am finding through my readings, people come with overwhelming pressure to identify what their 'life purpose' is. Often confusing ‘Life’s Purpose’ with “Life’s Work’ and assuming the two always are one and the same. People are feeling like they are failing at life,...

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Prayer: Overcoming Lack Mentality

Thank you, Universe, for the call to mind, that there is more than enough to go around. For allowing me to see that my fear of lack is no more than my ego rising up, distracting me and encouraging me to expend my power elsewhere. I thank you, ego, for all...

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