About Danielle

I’m Swampy Cree First Nations from my ancestral lands of York Factory, Manitoba

I have been a medium my whole life, as one is, yet I didn’t accept my abilities until after the birth of my first child in 2013.

I had many callings throughout my life to hop onto this path, all of which I did not pursue one reason or another, mostly fear of the unknown, once I was on the mediumship path, the rest of my life up to that point made sense.

Maybe this sounds a familiar story to you as well.

Mediumship it is an art, not an exact science, and I have dedicated years to developing a strong foundation and learning the fundamentals of connecting with Spirit for healing.

I am now stepping into a mentoring role for up-and-coming intuitives to compliment my services including; 1:1 readings, demonstrations of mediumship, workshops, and mini-readings at event,  there truly is really something for everyone through the services I am honoured to offer.

If you feel a calling to work with me, please send me a message and peruse my website for what offering calls to you.

​Danielle lives in Squamish British Columbia with her Husband Nicholas, her Daughter Katy-Jane and Son Nicholas. 

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