When I first discovered my mediumship abilities, I wanted to give up my day-job, one that I worked hard for, to pursue my spiritual practice 24/7.

When we first step into a spiritual path, everything is so exciting, so new, limitless potential!

After all, why would I be given this gift if it wasn’t to do it as my life’s work?

Kyle Gray, likely the most amazing modern spiritual teacher out there (in my eyes at least!) Says time and time again “a spiritual based business is not for the faint of heart”, and is he ever right!

After 5 years of developing, I decided during my 1 year maternity leave, to open my own spiritual-based business, just to see where it could go and if I could do it as a full-time gig.

I only provided readings 4 days a month which equaled to 12 or so readings.  Even as a self-proclaimed workaholic, I found energetically, that is more than enough readings for me, even after all these years of developing and practice.

Being of service is amazing, and rewarding, but I have found it to be a huge sacrifice on my energy body.

Providing a reading is not just the 45 minutes you sit with me.  I prepare days in advance, by not drinking wine (I love my Malbec!), ‘holding the space’ within myself in preparation to working with Spirit, a lot of meditations, prayer work (begging) and energy work is required to provide readings for the public.

There is also a recovery time required post-sessions. Needing to clear the space, cleanse my own energy (see my Aura Cleansing Mist!) and separate myself from the feelings, emotions, and ‘cords’ I had linked to my sitter and spirit.

‘I AM OF SERVICE!! USE ME GREAT SPIRITS’!!!! (With hands outreached to the skies!) says the me of 5 years ago, but trust me, those who go all-out doing readings full-time before properly developing and building their energetic muscles burn out and fast! I’ve seen it with my own eyes

Not only this but Spirit wants us to be happy!

If you’re currently in a job that you can wake up and look forward to going to, and it pays your bills AND you have time for your joy of working for Spirit, then that’s the perfect recipe for being of service!

If you were to give up your security of a consistent paying job to pursue spiritual-based work full-time, you will undoubtedly be overwhelmed and a new kind of pressure is added to your life which only adds pressure to your spiritual work. My best advice is to keep your spiritual practice as a something that purely brings you joy.

Start modestly, build a clientele and a good name for yourself.

I find that this ‘business’ is almost solely referrals.

There may be a time when your practice will be so high-in-demand that you’ll have no choice but to let go of your day job to pursue your passions 24/7, should that be your path.

It’s also so important to remember, you can be of service in every aspect of your life. At your place of work, a strata meeting, at the grocery store, on the bus! There are no limits on how you can really serve Spirit!

Spirit wants us to be happy above all else, so trust me when I say that there is no pressure from them to pursue your spiritual modalities full time until you can be secure, happy and fulfilled from it.