I often wondered this before I knew of my Mediumship abilities, what is a reading like for a Medium? What does the Medium experience? How do they know what they know?

I pictured magical things, such as Spirit appearing before my naked eye with a sign that reads something along the lines of “My name is Suzie, I was 54 years old, had a dog named fluffy and was born January 7, 1962” …

Well! Let me tell you, as amazing as that would be, that is not my experience! Lol

Don’t get me wrong there is some magic to it; when Spirit steps close with the intention to connect with a loved one, the feeling I am overcome with is euphoric.  I get covered in shivers, I feel ‘lifted’, butterfly in my stomach feeling, I feel vibrations on the back of my head or on the left or right side of me. It ebbs and flows during a reading as it’s hard to maintain that connection for too long, but it’s an amazing feeling, one I wish (and hope) my sitter also gets to experience.

As for the information, some people ask “how come they didn’t tell you how they passed, or what their name was” well, chances are they did and are trying to, but because I don’t have a life experience to reference it to, I missed it.


  • Spirit shows me the I Love Lucy show in my thoughts if I’m working with a Lucille or Lucy,
  • They’ll show me a specific loved one’s face in my life when I’m working with someone with an addiction, or
  • They’ll show me yellow if I’m working with someone who has self-confidence issues they want to work through.

Spirit uses my own life experiences and references to relay messages.

Therefore, the more I experience, the more readings I do and study, the more references I gain for Spirit to use to bring forth validations for you.

Being able to give readings is my greatest passion in life, I am completely dedicated to this craft and my development.