a very catchy blog title indeed!

This is likely the most popular saying when you hear “Psychic Medium”, even the amazing Teresa Caputo quotes it in the intro to her well established TV show Long Island Medium. Before I even knew I had mediumship abilities, this quote always made me stand up straight and say, “wow I wish I could do that! how amazing would that be?”.

Now that I’m well into my fourth year of development as a Medium I feel knowledgeable enough to share this little learning to those willing to hear and feel what I’m about to share…

They are not dead …  in fact, they are more alive than we are. 

How nice of a truth is that? Our loved ones are still alive, even though most of us cannot ‘see’, feel or hear them anymore, they are literally just a thought away.

Now I realize the term “I see dead people” is catchy, cute and does its job, makes people stop and listen, but the truth is that our loved ones go onto a life after this life, a state of being that is much more ‘alive’ than we can even fathom.

A Mediumship reading is a beautiful way to get validations and messages from your loved ones. Proof that they still very much see what’s going on in your daily life, and that they are still supporting you from their new vantage point in the afterlife. A Mediumship reading can bring healing and comfort during a time of grief.

My goal for the blog on this page is to share the learnings I gain through experiences I have as a working Medium. Though I consider myself still very much a student in the art of Mediumship, I still feel I have a lot to share about it with you all, for those that are curious, and those that are interested in possibly pursuing Mediumship as their own path. My goal one day is to be a mentor to those who want to feel into their abilities, so I thought a blog would be a good place to start.

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