We are born all-knowing, we come into this life with a bang, beholding all the secrets of the universe.

That’s why babies can’t speak, they know too much!

Well played God, well played.

All children come in with a deeply rooted connection to ‘Home’ ‘The Other Side’ ‘Heaven’ … whatever you want to call it.

The veil is so thin and there’s an all-knowingness to their very being; they are confident, fearless, enveloped in love, truly little Angles on earth.

It is said that around the age of 4 is when a child either holds onto their awareness, or lets it go.

Not always due to their upbringing or parental influences, but also because of their chosen life path, which we, as parents, are not privy to.

I remember babysitting a little girl who was around the age of 4, one day we were having lunch and she said to her mom “Do you remember when you were the baby and I was your mom?” we were floored …

That was my first experience hearing a child speak of such a huge thought, and really made me wonder about reincarnation for the first time in my life.

That mom could have done a few things …

  1. “Don’t talk nonsense honey! You’re imagining things” dismissing the child’s comments, and making them think twice about speaking up about such things
  2. “No, I don’t! how amazing! what was that like being my mommy?” Coming from a place of curiosity. Who knows what would have revealed in that moment!
  3. Nothing

C is what happened, and that moment has haunted me for over 20 years now.

The “What if I would have said something I wonder what she would have said!”

I feel that experience prepared me for having my own children, and what I would do in that situation.

B people, if you didn’t guess go with B!

I feel our best course of action with children is just to listen, respond in a curious and positive tone. Understand that these little beings are the greatest teachers we will ever have. Not just with spirituality, but in being decent human beings.

They teach us patience, unconditional love, and if we allow, and are open, maybe a secret or two from the universe.

My best advice in this area, is to just listen, don’t push, don’t dismiss, don’t ‘train’ your child to be a spiritual prodigy.

Just listen, and love.