I am finding through my readings, people come with overwhelming pressure to identify what their ‘life purpose’ is. Often confusing ‘Life’s Purpose’ with “Life’s Work’ and assuming the two always are one and the same.

People are feeling like they are failing at life, riddled with ‘blocks’ and feeling so far out of alignment they cannot see the moon in the clear night sky.

I am here to prompt a consideration that ‘life purpose’ and ‘life’s work’ may in fact be separate from one another, and can coexist and harmonize within one’s life.

I personally feel that our life’s purpose is to be happy, joyful and full of love for ourselves and others. Whatever that means to us individually, and whatever means that bring our purpose closer to us.

Our life’s work, being our means to an end, is what can support us in thriving, what can bring us financial security and safety, and allow the space to feel into what brings us the most joy and fulfillment … our life’s purpose.

I find my current ‘life’s work’ in First Nations health care aligns with my overall lifes values, gives me the security and safety to follow my life’s passion, my mediumship practice, which is what brings me joy and love (my ‘life’s purpose’ maybe?) … without putting the pressure on my spiritual practice to bring my family financial security as my life’s work.

I never want to deter anyone from following the ultimate dream of having one’s life purpose and life’s work marry and be one and the same. But I do encourage you to consider that the two can be separate, enjoyable, and meaningful aspects of our lives.