Less is more!

The less information I have the better I work. Seeing your facial expressions, body language, and reactions can throw me for a loop.

I am only human after all.

Phone readings are just me, your voice and the energy of your spirit loved ones and guides wanting to connect with you.

There is no time and space limitations to the energy of Spirit so a medium is able to pick up the Spirits energy just as strong over the phone as in person.

Now, I am not a dishonest person, of hundreds of readings, I’ve never received negative feedback on my services. I do not and will never amend or filter information based off your facial expressions or body language, but I have seen with less distractions for me, how much more information can come through.

One thing I know for sure, is people love their face-to-face readings, ha ha.

Judging by my booking history, clients would rather wait 4 months to see me in person, than 4 days to chat with me on the phone, which I am very flattered about, after all I’m not bad on the eyes #kiddingnotkidding

I haven’t been brave enough yet to canvas my clients on why the face-to-face readings are so much more preferred.

I had to reflect by putting myself in my clients shoes, and took myself back to a time where I sought readings by mediums and always preferred in-person readings too.

It was simply, not fully understanding how the connection between Spirit and the medium worked.

“How can she pick up on grandma if I’m on the phone? And not in front of her?”

“Surely she needs to see me or an item belonging to her to pick up the energy?”

I get that train of thought, it makes complete sense!

But I’ll take this time to provide a quick rundown on how my connection with Spirit works.

Spirit is energy, and energy has no walls, boundaries or limitations. Spirit knows when I’m ready to work and sit for the purpose of service, they are able to blend their aura with mine, and within that aura beholds a wealth of information for me to receive and pass along.

Some information I may not be able to pick up on, because I do not recognize or understand the feeling, vision or thought associated with it, as it is not something that I have experience with (also explaining why I sometimes may not pick up on very specific things you expect to hear). Spirit doesn’t have a ‘voice box’ so they rely on my extra-senses of thought, feeling, vision and even taste, to decipher the messages.

Because Spirit has no limitations like we do here, for being in two places at once, your loved ones are with me and you while we connect by phone. We will both feel their presence and charged energy *goosebumps anyone?*, so you need not fear over the phone that your loved one is too busy being close to me, that they can’t also be close to you at the same time!

Your voice is all I need to pick up your energy, and Spirits aura and energetic field is all I need to connect with theirs. Therefor the phone is no limitation for me to connect to provide a reading.

I want this topic to also remind you that there are no limitations for Spirit to connect with you directly as well.

You may think your loved ones are too far away, or not to be bothered, or conditions need to be just right for them to come close to you, but the truth is they are just a thought away, willing and ready to come close so you can feel their essence and love.

Trust me when I say that over-the-phone readings are no less magical than being within arm’s reach of me.

All my readings, in-person and over the phone are recorded and sent to you afterwards.

If you have any questions on this topic, make a comment or message me directly!

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