I have been told by other readers since I was 17 years old that I had mediumship abilities and that I would one day be giving readings.

I, of course, scoffed at that idea, thinking I was nowhere near pure enough to have Spirit speak to me! But here I am at 35 years young, a working medium, just as the predictions … predicted.

Looking back there were a few ‘signs’ that this path could be for me …

  • I knew I had a spirit guide at 7 years old and named him Skylar
  • I knew my deceased grandmother was in my room when I was a child and used to go to bed saying; “I know you’re here but please do not show yourself to me I’m too scared”
  • I saw John Edwards on TV and my mind was blown at the knowledge that some had the ability to communicate with the dead – I was obsessed!
  • I read Sylvia Browne’s “The other side and back” (and about 30 other books by her) but that book that changed my life forever
  • I quickly and promptly joined a paranormal investigation group at 20 and the journey had begun!

My interest in all this ebbed and flowed as my life went through the traumatizing teenage years, a failed marriage, a successful divorce, another failed relationship, a huge move, and finally now, in a healthy marriage with two babies under my wings, I have fully embraced my spiritual calling!

So I was a medium, what happened next?

Well, through a series of synchronistic events, I ended up with a single ticket to see a Mediumship Demonstration in my small town by the lovely, hilarious and amazing Shana Lee Gibson.

The experience was like seeing John Edwards on TV when I was a teen but live and in person. I was astounded!

I told my friend about the experience and she purchased a private reading for me a few weeks later with Shana.  And that began me and Shana’s student/mentor journey.

Spirit literally said “It’s time, here’s your teacher, now go!” with a gentle bum pat scooting me forward on my path.

I sat with Shana in her spiritual development classes, then onto mediumship mentorship intensive courses for over the next few years.

In these classes, I could safely and without judgment practice my abilities in a supportive environment with like-gifted students.

I took my studies seriously, not rushing, and not feeling pressure to read for the public.

I focused on deepening my connection with spirit and learning the art of mediumship from a woman I admired.

Shana is an admirable teacher, one that I genuinely listen to on the edge of my seat as she speaks spirit-led philosophy and critiques my skills with a hilarious yet stern demeanor.

I found Shana to be grounded, and ‘normal’, someone who I really resonated with. Basically, I admired the pants off her!

And here we are many years later, collaborating on development workbooks, exchanging business ideas, I was even honoured to be a bridesmaid at her wedding.

I tell you all this not because I like talking about myself, or my journey, but to express to you the sacredness of the student/mentor relationship.

I encourage you to find a teacher you resonate with, that resonates with you, that you admire their work, their integrity, their teachings.

There are many of you in areas without working mediums or mediums who offer mentorship.

For those of you I can recommend books you can read like Gordon Smiths Intuitive Studies book, so simple and down to earth.

Many working mediums offer distance mentorship, like me! Or even James Van Praagh’s School of Mystical Arts – not that we even belong in the same sentence together!

– not that we even belong in the same sentence together!

But the real nitty gritty of development is practice, that’s what’s going to build your intuitive muscles and gain you the confidence to follow whatever path these abilities will lead you down.When finding a mentor, I recommend a few things:

When lookign for a teacher, I recommend a few things:

  • Hire the medium/teacher for a private session first, or
  • See if they offer compatibility calls (like I do)
  • Look at reviews on their business pages to see if others have had positive experiences with them
  • Check out their blogs or vlogs to see if you resonate with their philosophies

Above all else, I suggest you never stop developing and being a student.


Continue to be curious about this sacred part of your life.

Always learn by attending workshops, retreats, read books.

Never… Stop … Growing!

You will never be in a place with your mediumship development that you will know it all, or can’t learn from anyone else, trust me on this guys. Stay humble. Even the greats still have mentors!

I personally vow to be a student of this craft for the rest of my life, happily.

Good luck!